Professional Indemnity is designed to deal with financial loss arising from a principal’s reliance upon the service provided, and in many cases is a compulsory purchase for many professionals providing advice.

In the event that a principal suffers a financial loss as a result of alleged negligent act, error or omission, Professional Indemnity covers the professional legal costs associated with defending claims and any damages awarded.

This type of insurance is available to most professionals and in many instances, it is a requirement to carry a minimum level of Professional Indemnity by law.

Public Liability & Products Liability is primarily designed to address the personal injury or property damage that may arise from the service providers activities. In other words they deal with the physical outcomes of faulty services.

Why do you need Professional Indemnity & Public Liability?

In our experience we have seen incidents that can interrupt your service and cause either a breach of contract, or a financial loss that results in claims of damages against you. This is where Professional Indemnity can protect your business from bearing the full costs and time involved in these claims and disputes, protecting your professional name and reputation.

If an accident occurs that causes bodily injury or property damage to your client or a third party, Public Liability insurance covers you against claims for damages caused in connection with your business activities. An incident could arise when you have visitors at your offices, when you are in public areas or at your client’s office.

Product Liability insurance provides protection against any accidents that may occur as a result of products that you supply or manufacture. This could include software that you supply, hardware or equipment, foods, beverages or nutritional supplements. If you supply or manufacture a product that can be purchased from your business, Product Liability is vital.

Limits Available:

  • Up to $10,000,000 for Professional Indemnity
  • Up to $10,000,000 for Public & Products Liability

Occupations Appetite

  • Arbitration
  • Business Consultants/Business Managers
  • Careers Advisory Service
  • Clerical Services
  • Company Search Agents
  • Copywriters
  • Corporate Identity Consultants
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Dietician/Nutritionist
  • Editorial Consultants
  • Education Advisory Services
  • Energy Consultancy
  • Export Consultants
  • First Aid Trainer
  • Food Hygiene Consultancy
  • Food Industry Consultants
  • Genealogists
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Image Consultants
  • Lighting Consultancy
  • Management Consultants
  • Map Drawers / Cartographers
  • Market Research Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Media Account Managers
  • Media Development Managers
  • Mediators
  • Occupation Health & Safety Consultancy
  • Public Relations Consultants
  • Quality Assurance Consultants
  • Relocation Agents
  • Research Consultancy
  • Secretarial Services
  • Secretarial/Word Processing Agencies
  • Small Business Advisory Services
  • Stocktakers
  • Training Consultants
  • Training Services
  • Translators / Interpreters
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Wedding Planners
  • And More


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