Group Personal Accident & Sickness (Income Protection) is an annual policy which provides weekly benefits and lump sum compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.

Why consider Group Personal Accident & Sickness (Income Protection)?

Groups can come in all different formats, whether employees, union members, specific occupation associations, affinity groups or sporting groups. Cover can be tailored to protect the employees’ / members’ incomes and provide lump sum benefits in event of permanent disablement or death.

Needs vary in respect to the cover required and the policy options enable tailoring specific products.

Group policies benefit from simple administration, level premiums (flat rating for all irrespective of age) and we have the capability to offer online solutions for easy administration.

This insurance cover is available to any groups including:

  • Employers providing employee benefits and / or including EBA requirements.
  • Unions providing benefits for members.
  • Affinity groups / associations offering specific cover tailored for member activities.
  • Contracting groups seeking flexible, low administration options for contractors.


Cover can be narrow or broad and examples include:

  • Journey cover – to and from work to close any gap in workers compensation cover.
  • Workers compensation topup – provide employees with safety net of protection for any shortfall in workers compensation benefits up to 85% of gross income.
  • Providing group members with cover outside business hours to protect their incomes from injury and sickness.
  • 24/7 cover for a group of self employed contractors to include work related incidents.

Limits Available:

  • Choice of waiting period (7, 14, 21, 28 days or higher)
  • Choice of cover levels (accident only or sickness & accident)
  • Choice of benefit periods (52 or 104 week)
  • Weekly benefit up to 85% maximum of gross income
  • Total permanent disablement and death benefits up to $250,000 (higher options available on request)

Occupations Appetite

  • All occupations can be considered.
  • We have arranged covers from pilot groups to independent contractors groups to union memberships.


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